North Carolina management consulting firm InnovoGraph is launching Sustain NC – a community innovation group defining and tracking regional sustainability progress through research and strategy. Sustain NC acts on sustainability innovation as a professional development group generating service projects with statewide, national, and/or global impact. The initial Sustain NC service project is the development of the NC Clean Power Plan. Each North Carolina community can be involved.

Sustainability-oriented innovation addressing climate change and human opportunity is adds critical value to state economies. Sustain NC reforms our innovation assumptions, adding to North Carolina’s past community welfare record and other trend-setting strategic innovation examples our state has produced, like the North Carolina Progress Board and more recently Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities initiatives like GroWNC.

Sustain NC is a program of InnovoGraph. Sustain NC is an applied sustainability innovation case studies and professional development group focusing on North Carolina. North Carolina’s potential national and international sustainability innovation leadership holds great value. Eventually elements of Sustain NC can become state and national policy. Other elements can become a nonprofit. A formal nonprofit organization effort is TBD.

Sustain NC consortium outcomes depend on the activity of members. Expect challenging topics requiring bold and educated innovation strategy. Join Sustain NC.


About the Sustain NC developer

Grant Millin is the Sustain NC developer. Grant Millin is a management consultant and owner of InnovoGraph. InnovoGraph offers strategic innovation services. Grant was the North Carolina project manager for the historic Hydrogen Road Tour. He produced and served as panelist on the Forum on Smart Grid and Hydrogen Economies at Duke University. His CleanTech market focus is especially oriented around fuel cells and hydrogen production. He developed EarthSync Hub.

Grant has initiated the development project to install the first public access hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell electric vehicles in North Carolina.

The City of Asheville Downtown Master Plan (DMP) features a long-term action step of:

“Lead the effort to make Downtown Asheville completely powered by clean energy, to become a national model in this area, to use clean energy to leverage sustainable development, and to become a municipal utility.”

Grant was one of the individuals who made certain such a clause was in the DMP. Grant specifically introduced the concept of municipal power for North Carolina communities and continues to do so. Grant recommended the City of Asheville and Buncombe County Government jointly pursue a Department of Energy Resilient Electricity Delivery Infrastructure (REDI) Initiative funding opportunity. Grant has participated in other DOE funding opportunity applications.

Grant is co-founder of the current Swannanoa Superfund Community Advisory Group. Grant developed a local government agency continuity of operations plan document. Grant served as a US Navy fleet sailor and was honorably discharged. He worked in commercial photography and motion picture production for many years. He has written dozens of articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor on key sustainability and civilization issues.

Grant has a Master of Project Management and Master of Entrepreneurship degree including studies for an MBA with Western Carolina University. He has a BA Interdisciplinary Studies, Independent Degree in Sustainability and Security Studies from UNC Asheville. His Master of Project Management research concerned web tools suitable for both knowledge management, project management, and innovation of strategy leading to Sustain NC and its Open Strategic Innovation for Communities (OSIC) backbone. Grant was awarded a 2014 Global Innovation Summit scholarship for his OSIC work.

He is a GroWNC consortium member, City of Asheville Community Energy Plan task force member, as well as a Leadership Asheville graduate: His family owned Asheville’s once historic T.S. Morrison & Co. general store during the 1980’s.

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