Asheville sustainability leader answers White House call for a “City Web”


ASHEVILLE, NC – Sustain NC is a professional development initiative of InnovoGraph LLC nurturing sustainability innovation. The central initiating Sustain NC service project is completion of the North Carolina Clean Power Plan. Part of making that happen is deploying a Smart Grid, Distributed Energy, and Efficiency Program (Smart Grid DEEP).

There is need for a deeper innovation ecosystem across America and the globe using sustainability as a strategy lens. A future nonprofit is on the list of potential tasks.

InnovoGraph LLC owner and innovation strategist Grant Millin is the Sustain NC developer. Grant served as a US Navy fleet sailor and was honorably discharged. There are a range of details behind the new President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology “City Web”, but before the White House launched the parent Technology and the Future of Cities initiative, InnovoGraph had Sustain NC and Open Strategic Innovation for Communities ready.

InnovoGraph looks forward to sharing Sustain NC with your municipality or organization. Sustain NC assists in fulfilling the White House need for a City Web solution. So now we have a North Carolina Smart Cities and Towns innovation and opportunity ecosystem (IOE).

Use of digital economy tools like Podio are not the only requirements for innovation and opportunity ecosystems like City Web, but such applications make a lot of sense. InnovoGraph has prepared a YouTube video showing such a platform for completing the NC Clean Power Plan. Sample Sustain NC consortia focus on climate science issues and a smart cities and towns strategy for North Carolina. The NC Digital Divide Leap consortium is another.

Sustain NC programming goes beyond Future of Work online solutions for enhanced sustainability innovation. A presidential transition symposium covering Obama Administration sustainability innovation is in development. And while the Sustain NC Koshland Earth Lab survey is online, the actual interactive digital Carbon Mitigation Decision Walls are located at the NC Nature Research Center and the Marian Koshland Science Museum in Washington, DC… and there’s a web app version.

A range of potential Sustain NC in-person activities is possible. Sustain NC partnerships are vital as Sustain NC also amplifies the solution to goals these partners are currently pursuing.

Along with covering sustainability issues in his Master of Entrepreneurship and Master of Project Management programs and MBA coursework, Grant developed his own bachelors in Sustainability and Security Studies. He was the North Carolina project manager of the historic Hydrogen Road Tour. He produced as well as presented for the “Forum on Smart Grid and Hydrogen Economies” at Duke University.

Grant said, “Merging sustainability innovation and classic economic development strategy makes strong sense today. Sustain NC disabuses any notions that sustainability and anthropogenic climate are “politicized” matters. It is not just about the majority of scientists and the Department of Defense establishing that sustainability strategy is real strategy. Mass public will is now calling for an excellent approach to sustainability innovation. This transformation is happening in North Carolina too.” There is a sample of slides from Grant’s master Sustain NC seminar presentation on

Sustain NC webinars are offered the first Thursday and fourth Monday of every month at 2:00 PM. The first of these will be held 5/5 and 5/23. Large organization webinars can be scheduled. RSVP:


“Sustain NC and The White House City Web” 5/5 webinar event


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PCAST City Web Definition

“An information-sharing platform that would help to extend these innovative activities beyond their local confines, benefiting all cities, including those that lack the capacity to innovate on their own… Making the most of specific city-innovation experiences, the City Web would be a place for cities and their partners to make available descriptions and non-proprietary elements of solutions that have been implemented, tested, reviewed, rated, and used by other cities, thereby reducing the time and complexity needed for today’s procurement cycles…. The goal of the City Web is to allow the accumulation and replication of urban solutions and associated data, technologies, and strategies in ways that benefit cities with different sizes, different know-how, and different financial capabilities.” – President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, February 2016

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